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The roses in almond dough are essential decorations in the finishing touches on a birthday or Mother's Day cake. Here are the steps to make a rose in marzipan.


Content: Ingredients, Making of the rose, Making of the leaves



Ingredients                                                                                                                                   #

To make a rose in almond dough, you will need:

- A block of rose and white almond dough

- A block of green almond dough

- A cutting board (preferably of glass or marble).

Making of the Rose                                                             

  1.  Knead the rose almond doughbetween your hands to soften it.

  2.  Make a sausage of about 2 cm in diameter and 15 cm long and cut it into 8 sections of equal size.

  3. Gather 2 sections for forming a small cone that will form the heart of the flower.

  4. Form 6 small balls with the remaining sections, then crush them gently with your thumb on your board. You should make the 6 small round, not thick.

  5. Flatten of these round ones with the palm of your hand to flatten them in the shape of petals. Then refine the tip of each petal with the fingertips.

  6. Carefully peel off the petals with a knife.

  7. Wrap the heart of the flower with 2 petals. Arrange the other petals around the preceding ones, by shifting them lightly and making them adhere by the base of the flower.

Note: Be sure to give a round shape to your your rose in almond dough; to make the petals resemble real ones, refine them as much as possible and gently pinch them between your fingerstips.


Makingof leaves                                                                   

1) Knead the green almond dough between your hands before spreading, roller or the palm of your hand.

2) Cut sheets of oval and carefully mark the ribs with a knife.

3) Finally, place the rose in marzipan and leaves on your cake.

Mix the dough of green almond between your hands before to spread it, to the roll or with the palm of your hand.  2) Cut leaves of oval form and mark delicately the veins with the blade of a knife.  3) to finish, dispose the rose in dough of almond and the leaves on your cake. 

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